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Lanzado por primera vez en 2010, el HP Compaq Presario CQ56-110US es uno de los modelos ofrecidos en la serie de portátiles Compaq Presario.

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What is the name of a specific plug to a Cq-56 -HP presaio notebook

Under top deck "next to power button ribbon".There is a free 4 pin plug,top left What is the name or function of this plug and can I skip it.

Update (07/09/2020)

I'm talk about when you lowerthe top deck , under key board in cut hole top left" corner is one connect .Underneath top deck on the "mother board it second connects beside the power button ribbon connect ,Not on any side of the laptop

Red,black,green,yellow -ALL SWIRLED i swear looks like speaker wires but mine is not equip

Thank you for your cooperation and support TIM McDaniel

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Hi @greendevl420

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop.

Check through the guide to see if you can spot the component that you’re interested in.

If you find it the part number should also be listed in the manual. See p.16 onwards

Search online using the part number only to find suppliers of the part that suit you

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That connector is for the USB board on the optical drive side if it’s the one I’m thinking you’re talking about. I know because I had one and it’s a common failure point where it kills USB devices when the regulators on the motherboard fail - or at least just on the 219-WM.

If you are just changing the jack, ignore it but if you are removing the motherboard you need to disconnect it.

Block Image

The other one that’s near the power button is for the speakers. I do not have a photo for it, but I can tell from the service manual and experience.

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No sir, it's on other side of keyboard

top left corner. I don't know the names of little parts or pieces, JUST basics,

Enough to get bye. I appreciate your response I'll get it figured out. I live in West Virginia. Hard to get parts here. EX:I need couple pieces of computer ribbon.

Not here, whole state dose not sell.

Use what I can . Know any substations or hacks for ribbon. Lol .

Thank you


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@homeschooltech Can you take a photo of the part?

Also, eBay - the home of total pieces of crap you can get dirt cheap for parts or get it stripped from a scrap machine for you. Just be careful you don't accidentally buy a easily repaired example you want to see live.

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