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Display problem on MacBook Pro 2012 mid

Hello everyone. I have a macbook pro 2012 mid and recently had a problem on the screen. At the time of updating or turning it off and on again I cannot work with the equipment unless I connect it to my screen through an HDMI cable. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know if it has repair? I enclose some photos to better appreciate the problem. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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Block Image

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By any chance did you run the machine with a damaged LVDS cable? If you have been having cable issues and you ignored it, you likely fried the board :-(. The problem is the cables short out enough and it takes out the board. You may get lucky, but it often takes the board out with it.

If this is fresh, STOP USING THE MACHINE and replace the LVDS cable while you have time! It never ends well to wait until it gets worse. This does require display disassembly which is not an easy job, but it can be done. Follow this guide to remove the assembly and then this video to change the cable. It isn’t easy.

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Thanks mate. I will search a LVDS cable.

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