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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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Phantom touch after water damage (from SIM slot)

24 hours ago, water seeped in from the SIM slot and caused a slight water damage. I let it dry a while with fan and got SIM card working but now I have phantom touch. I took the iPhone X apart completely and is now soaking the logic board with 99% alcohol as I don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner. There’s no corrosion on any connectors but I do see the water inside on top of the rear camera and the front camera hole (inside)

What’s next? It’s going to be a few hours until I finish soaking and drying the logic board with a heat gun / heat pad (for screen removal). Is there something on the LCD itself I have to clean?

I don’t have phantom touch at all before it happened. I am trying to imagine the path the water took to get to the front camera hole and any help is appreciated.


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First off. There is no need to put a heat gun near the logic board. When you don’t smell alcohol on the board it means it’s good to power up.

 I think it would be best to try another screen and see if the phantom touch is still happening as I have seen some of the X model where it has turned out to be oxidised pads on the interposer board.

If it is the screen causing it from the liquid damage you are better off replacing it.

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Thank you. I don't have another LCD. It's still having the touch issue mildy. I will keep an eye on it next few days.

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I found the phone works fine when it's cold. I can be using it for a long while outside (3-5c) but when it heats up back at home, the touch issue comes back. I am leaning towards interposer board.

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