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The HP Chromebook 11 G5 Education Edition is a version of the HP Chromebook 11 series, designed specifically for educators.

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Can I still remove enterprise enrollment in 2020?

I bought this Chromebook for school, in the contract it said that i would keep the Chromebook when I’m done with school or changed school. but here is the problem I did get too keep the Chromebook, but its is still enterprise enrolled :(.

So my question is if the removing the battery to circumvent the dev-mode block still works in 2020? That is enable dev-mode and then remove battery end plug in DC power so that it restarts.

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As far as I know, this hasn’t worked for a while. I have the exact same Chromebook and have for years, and this doesn’t work. (I literally created the device page) If you take it to your schools IT, they can probably unenroll it. Depending on how your school/state works, it may be the school district that you need to contact. It seems odd that you bought it and it’s enterprise enrolled though.

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It’s tied to the serial number. You need to wait until you graduate before they remove it. Hold them to their part of the deal before graduation and stand your ground or you’re SOL if they have to due to due to a district technicality.

There was never a way to do it outside of going after the company/school district or Google.

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Is there a way to change the serial number?

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No and yes.... It requires a vast amount or resource power and intellectual coding....

JK.. There is no way around the enterprise system.... what school district are you in...

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