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Electronic Light Up Holiday Sweater Not Working

Hello. I have a Hanukkah Sweater which has a battery pack (it runs on flat 2032 batteries) that connect to 9 LED bulbs that flash different colors. Last year, I noticed that one of the wires in the battery pack came loose and this year I decided to fix it. I tried replacing both the batteries and the battery pack without success. Both my sisters and my mom have the same sweater and were able to use the same replacements successfully in theirs, so I think the issue might be with the sweater itself. Any advice on any possible easy fixes would be appreciated. Other than the battery pack, the wiring of the sweater is covered up by the lining so I can’t really do anything unless I cut it open, and it would be tough to put back together again since this whole thing is manufactured. I’m pretty upset, since the sweater is two years old and nobody sells it anymore- couldn’t even find a replacement on E-Bay. Thanks again.

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Did you reconnect the wires back the same way to the battery pack?

In other words are the wires connected to the battery pack the same way as in your mother's and sister's sweater?

LEDs are polarity sensitive so if the wires were reversed they wouldn't work.

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The wires were connected back the same way, yes. Basically, the wires are part of the battery pack and go to a little white connector that can be taken out to change the battery pack and to wash the sweater. When I changed the battery pack out with a new one, I was using a new set of wires that were properly connected, so the loose wires weren't really an issue anymore. I also made sure the batteries were facing the right way. My sister even tried the same new pack and was able to use it successfully. Thank you for the suggestion, though.

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Patagonia made a light-up Hanukkah sweater? Can you please post a picture? Thanks!

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Hi there,

I have sort of the same issue but i need a new plastic electric board that the wiring from the lights connects to as mine went bad. I just have the two hanging wires from the lights in the sweater at the moment. Does anyone know where i can get a new battery pack to connect the wires to?

Thank you.

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Hi, I don't know your sweater but presumably the battery pack plugs into it somewhere, so that it can be removed when it is washed. Is this correct?

Perhaps the problem may only be at that connection point and not further in.

Post some close up images of the connection point into the sweater.

Here's how to do this.

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News on the sweater! Turns out one of the wires attached to the white battery connector has broken, and needs to be soldered/crimped back into place. Since it broke right at the root of the connector piece, that will make things trickier. Might need a new connector piece. I do know that this is definitely the sweater issue, though- my dad held the wires together and from a few angles the sweater started lighting up again. There’s an open Maker event coming up nearby, so I’ll take the sweater there and be able to ask around in person. Someone there can probably help, too.

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@jayeff You were right! Thank you.

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