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The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991 and frozen for production in January 1994.

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Location of blower resistor

I have removed the cowl and found the hole it is supposed to be located in, but I feel nothing inside the hole. I called the dealership and they told me I should see it again I see nothing inside the hole I feel nothing inside the hole. So please help me figure out the location of the part number RU479 I am trying to install in my Dakota sport.

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mommy_luvz_u it is easier if you post some good pictures of what you are looking at etc. That way we can see where you are at and can most likely provide you with some decent answers. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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Has the blower motor ever worked?

If not, the resistor may have been removed and the harness connector pushed back in out of the way, due to some other problem. Just a thought.

Here’s a link to the relevant section from the 2000 Dakota Sport service repair manual

Scroll down on the page in the viewing box to find p.24-3 and p.24-25/26 to view the location of the blower resistor, and the necessary pre-requisite steps to remove and replace the resistor.

Here are some of the pages if you have problems.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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