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La soldadura es un método para conectar dos piezas de metal entre sí mediante la fusión de otro metal de relleno entre ellas. Existen muchos tipos de soldadura, pero este artículo está diseñado para enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la soldadura eléctrica.

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Choosing Ultrasonic cleaner, Krest vs Chineese

Im trying to pick an ultrasonic cleaner, but i cant find any info on performance difference of Crest vs cheap chineese models.

How different are they when it comes to performance?

Ive seen some good reviews on this model:

How do crest products perform better considering almost 10x price difference?

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@migrantfleet that will be a tough question to answer. On here we are a self help forum and really not into repair tool review. Any answer that you might get is going to be subjective and may not be helpful to others, which is our ultimate goal. So I’d suggest that you post your question at the pro forum part. You can join them here

My opinion about tools etc. is that the one that works for me, is the better tool. It doesn't matter how much I spend on it for as long as it does what I expect it to do, it is a valuable tool.

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I agree with that, whatever works is fine ;) I'd also add that in my experience quite a bit of a difference is achieved with professional cleaning detergents Vs simple IPA. PH factor, detergent and temperature seem to be playing a big role in cleaning. Personally I've been using a chinese tool for years now, honestly I expected it to break down soon after reading reviews on cheap ultrasonic cleaners, but it seems my cleaner didn't believe reviews and still works fine!

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