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MacBook Pro 2008 Display image but no illumination

My old MacBook Pro (not unibody) A1260 works, but the internal display has an illumination problem. If I use a light against the display I can see the image shown, but the LCD backlight doesn’t work. Before this problem the monitor had stage lightning problem, now it’s only dark.

  • I tried resetting PRAM and VRAM
  • Replaced the LED Inverter board
  • Replaced Display Data Cable
  • Replaced the left I/O board

My Motherboard model is 820-2249 but I don’t know where to look for burned fuses or contacts.

Thank you

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I’m not much of an expert on those Macbooks but from a quick look there isn’t much on the board regarding backlight. There are only a couple of rails coming from GPU to the bigger connector, one for the signal enable and the other one for control (brighteness dimming) going to the left I/O connector. Thus it should be either the GPU or the inverter board. Not much of an help unfortunately, but no fuses or things to check on the board.

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I changed the inverter board with no result, if it's the GPU do you think a reflow could help?

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@artemisgraphic Yes, I understood that was already attempted. From a professional point of view a reflow doesn't make any sense, but if you want to attempt one of the many DIY solutions you can find around the net why not, you might manage to squeeze some extra working time from your Mac.

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@oldturkey03 - Lets read the problem and make sure the correct answer is selected. The OP stated clearly he can see the LCD's image using a flash light its clearly not a GPU issue.

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Your issue is related to the backlight driver board which is within the display its self! Its not on the main logic board so any repairs to it won’t alter the backlight. If you see your desktop and its icons via a flashlight your GPU is fine!

Here is the needed part MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board and here is the guide you’ll need to follow MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Modelos A1226 y A1260 Reemplazar Placa Controlado LED

You likely got a bad part and/or the wiring harness from the logic board to the driver board. I would inspect the harness at the hinge area as well as check the continuity of each wire as well as the possibility of a short to the case.

Imagen de MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board


MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board


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Hi, thak you. I did replaced booth the driver board and the wiring from the logic board to the driver board, but nothing's changed. How do I investigate shorts to the case?

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You'll need to check the power rail the backlight uses. Did you check the voltage?

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I'm not that skilled unfortunately, I'm fine with assembling/disassembling but I have no great knowledge in electronics.

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