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Lanzado en junio de 2012, modelo A1278. Procesador Intel con Turbo Boost, hasta 512 MB de RAM de video DDR5

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HD Failure and replacement cable

OK. I’m pretty sure I know the problem - and fix. I have gotten great info and advice from users here. MacBook Pro, 2012 model. HD is not recognized internally - just the NULL symbol. The user has been experiencing severe “slowness” over the past few months now followed by HD not being recognized. I suspect it is the hard-drive cable and needs replacing. I CAN mount it externally in an enclosure - although very slow! I have installed a new HD cable for this model before for the same reason for another client. I know the 2012/13 MacBook Pros has had this as a common issue. SO, I am going to order/install a new cable AND a new SSD.

I will use “Migration Assistant” to move my clients files over instead of cloning. Most of her documents are basic Word, PowerPoint, Excel… Photos (iCloud). I will also back-up to a big USB flash drive as well.

This model “officially” supported only 8 GB of memory but I have read they technically can support 16GB RAM. It has 4 right now. Certainly another 4 GB chip would help. Should I go for more? Not sure it is worth it being it is a 2012. And I am installing an SSD which should speed things up a LOT.

One more thing. The calendar is showing Dec. 2018 … and it’s late April 2018. Do I have a MB issue here? Or is that the result of that bad cable? I am pretty sure the MB Pro 2012 has no CMOS but a capacitor that would need soldering if that is the issue. That is above my pay grade. ))

THX for any suggestions or help.

#Dan … Here is screenshot of battery health using CoconutBattery as you suggested. It is reporting it as good.. unless you see something different. Thx for your help.

Block Image

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It does sound like you have a failing battery here. I would install CoconutBattery. Take a snapshot of the main window and paste it here for us to see Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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I'm assuming I can run this from a USB flash drive?

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#Dan . Just added the screenshot of CoconutBattery. I assume battery is good? Thx for your reply.

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@ckayjr - Yes, its still good, but its about halfway in its lifespan.

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Thanks Dan! Much appreciated!

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The date and time is reset when the battery is unplugged from the MacBook.

MacBook will need to be connected to wifi and date and time will be synchronised.

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I did mount the HD externally. And connected to WiFi… but the calendar/date did not sync .. I did not check that setting either. I will check today. Thx for your answer!

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Don’t think I posted the successful conclusion. Again, as with many of these 2012/13 machines, the HD cable goes bad. Installed new HD cable; installed a new SSD. Client is very happy!

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