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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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Is it open for PSU upgrade and motherboard extraction

i have this sff HP, HP Elite Desk 800 G1 pc and i want to replace its stock power supply from 350 watts to a higher because ive heard that if i plug in a single fan GPU onto it, the psu will fail. besides, i am also planning to extract its MoBo and put it into a bigger case for more room. is these possible??

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Hi @rbick ,

You're doing well having a 350W PSU in the sff model

According to the service manual the standard PSU for the sff model is 240W (see p.22 )

What do the GPU specs say about PSU requirements?

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Sir, it says here that my desired GPU's minimum power supply requirement is 300 watts, is that okay for my pc?? and i checked my PSU and its rated 240W

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Hi @rbick ,

As @juansollo says it will be difficult to get a PSU upgrade that will firstly fit into the sffcase and then have the appropriate connectors as well .

Getting a higher output PSU with the appropriate connectors should be easier if you install the motherboard in a larger case.

Speaking of the case was the GPU card you have in mind suitable size wise for a sff case, i.e. a low profile gpu card?

They are usually not easy to locate as sff is not the regular case and most cards are designed for a standard tower or mini tower case. It may be that if it wasn't a low profile card, it wouldn't fit in correctly unless you intended to leave the case cover off permanently.

Also a lot of single fan GPU still take up 2 card slot positions which again make it difficult to install in a sff case as space is at a premium.

Have you checked all this out before you start worrying about upgrading the PSU for the sff case?

And with the current PSU it won't handle the GPU if you did have one that fits and you have the room to install it in the sff case.

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Usually, it is difficult to upgrade the PSU. You will have to make sure to find one with the right connectors. You could most definitely remove the motherboard, if you can take it apart. If you find a bigger case, PSU upgrade will be significantly easier.

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how can i make sure that the connectors are correct?

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Look at any cables currently being used by your PSU, any sata power cables or anything on the motherboard, and find a PSU with those usually there is two rows of pins and a lot of pins in each row. You can attempt to look up by how many pins you have, then make sure you get a picture of the PSU, and make sure it has those connectors.

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