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La segunda generación de Google Pixel XL tiene una pantalla P-OLED de 6 pulgadas con esquinas redondeadas. Disponible en configuraciones de almacenamiento de 64 y 128 GB, y en dos colores: solo negro y blanco y negro. Lanzado el 19 de octubre de 2017.

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Is my screen fixable?


I recently smashed my phone on concrete when I slipped while running. The top left corner of my Pixel took the most damage.

Block Image

Block Image

Is my phone repairable? I’m assuming I’ll need to get a front camera replacement and a full screen + digitizer. I can’t tell if the frame is damaged beyond repair… Any advice/comments would be appreciated!

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if price is a concern and the phone still functions..looks like it's just the glass over the camera and may not involve the actual camera at all/touchscreen functions intact, you could just apply sticky tape/contact adhesive to prevent further damage etc and keep on using the phone. you may have a few pieces of glass over the camera which may show up on photos, but seeing as this is the selfie camera, if you don't use it what does it matter?

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This link may be of some help.

They should give you a quote for the repair if nothing else.

Update (11/06/2018)

Here’s a link to the ifixit Reemplazo de la pantalla Google Pixel 2 XL guide.

Once you have removed the old screen you should be able to determine what else, if anything, needs to be replaced. It may depend on how well the new screen sits back in.

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I appreciate the link, but it doesn't answer my question. I'm trying to decide whether or not ifixit tools will suffice in repairing my Pixel device.

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The answer is yes. You should change the screen completely. Your screen has part of the LCD broken, so it is not possible to repair. You can change the glass, but the spot on the LCD has no repair.

The camera should try it to know if it should change or not, if it looks good I would change it. Due to the opening problem, you must first remove the screen to access the rest of the terminal, I advise you to be sure before sticking the screen to the chassis.

If the frame is damaged, it can be repaired with a sandpaper and patience. But it will not be like new.

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You will need additional stickers that may not come with the screen. Luck!

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