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Lanzado en julio de 2018, el MacBook Pro de 15", modelo A1990, presenta una pantalla de retroiluminación LED de 15.4 pulgadas con tecnología True Tone, TouchID y hasta 6 procesadores Core i9.

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2018 - i9 MacBook Pro - 3d printed back panel for cooling?

I recently bought a i9 - 32GB/1TB MacBook Pro. I find it very uncomfortable in using it lap. It is very hot after 10 min of use, even with common activities like browsing (Firefox) and couple of text editors open.

Any suggestions on designing a custom 3d-printed back panel with more space and ventilation option would help? I do not mind additional thickness, say 2mm.

I don't want to use a cooling pad. And I'm worried about the lifespan of ~$4000 computer due to thermal condition.

What would you suggest?

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are you doing this in bed?

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If the software utilities do not help, then it is worth to 3d print of the back panel. In this case, I would recommend trying continuous carbon fiber 3D printing for this project. Anisoprinting details are 2 times stronger and lighter than aluminum. It should serve for a long time.

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There really is nothing you can do in 2 mm of space. You could use a towel, but the heat will transfer to the towel over time and back onto you. The ideal solution would be to create a water cooled pad to suck the heat and get rid of it in the base sitting on the floor next to you.

Apple messed up when they jumped to the i9 in such a thin frame (no room for proper cooling). If you can I would return it and instead get the i7 which runs cooler!

When Intel gets to the sub 10 nm scaling then the i9 will be a workable CPU in a thin laptop! Keep in mind your system is throttled from its chips full ability because of the limits of its cooling.

I know of two people who returned there’s because of the heat issues.

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@danj This may be an accurate representation of how hot this computer gets, lol!

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Yep a Hot one!

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Depending on where you are, room temperature might as well influence quite a bit the feeling of discomfort caused by a laptop. I don’t have an i9 processor in any of the Macs I have around, but for the last 2 months anything on my lap was more or less intolerable unless it was two legged ;) I’d try recommend a couple of trials to see if it makes things better..try install menumeters, it’s a beautiful piece of software keeping essential informations at hand in the menubar, including processor usage. Sometimes Firefox gets stuck doing heaven knows what at 35% processor power or above until fans start spinning. At least you’ll be able to tell what’s happening under the hood..activity monitor in utilities folder will give deeper infos if processor seems to be overworking for no reason.

Try and install Macsfancontrol, or one of the likes and choose a personalized fan controlling to start increasing fans speed earlier than Apple can revert back to Auto anytime with a couple clicks.

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Sadly, the i9 is a portable not a laptop CPU! Apple even puts a note into the box not to use it on your lap due to the heat.

A poorly designed system! Apples mantra Thin is in backfired on them with this CPU as its Hot is not cool!

They needed to make the system thicker to make room for the internal cooling system this chip desperately requires.

Even if you throttle it back its still running hotter than the i7 running the same load.

Intel shouldn't have intro'ed it until they got to the next node size which is late. Or, make sure they spec'ed it as requiring a more aggressive cooling system.

This system is likely to have problems as it ages running this hot. There is to much stuff inside which will degrade from excessive heat. Fan control software won't help it.

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@danj Ouch, never had such a portable in my hands til now, but OP and your description are pretty disappointing, making me think of a machine to keep at distance..too sad considering it's supposed to be the top machine available. This "thin is in" thing seems to be a pointless feature to a great number of customers, myself included, not feeling any impelling need of a couple mm less on a laptop if then the price to be paid is burning your legs in discomfort. I've been trying out as of late the Macbook a1534..great machine for a casual daily use and supposed to be a cool machine but being fanless and so thin, it gets uncomfortably hot right after 10/15 mins of youtube, with processor getting up in the range of 70/80C, separated from your skin by just a thin alu layer. Either they all live in Alaska at Apple, or they don't use laptops as they are also intended to, right on your lap. Let's see where this goes. Thanks for sharing!

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I was seriously looking at getting one as my 17" is not doing to well.

I really wanted a new 17" with this level of CPU but thats not in the cards. Apple missed the target what a 'Real Pro' wants/needs. If they went to the older Unibody frame they likely would have had the needed space to make it work. A working pro is less interested in Thin more on performance and function.

From what I hear the i9 is a disappointment in sales, a lot are being returned.

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Have you updated to the latest macOS? I have the same exact model (MBP 15 2018, i9, 32GB, 1TB) and mine doesn’t heat up unless I do really intensive things like exporting videos, or gaming. I use it on a daily basis for school and I have no issues with it except for weight.

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I would recommend to you to use an utility called Turbo Boost Switcher.

Thermals are much better when using it and performance drop is negligible (20% in real world but –20 Celsia and 1/2 of battery drainage from CPU)

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This is a software utility to race the fans. That really doesn't alter the cases heat issue.

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