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Aporte original por: arbaman ,


Depending on where you are, room temperature might as well influence quite a bit the feeling of discomfort caused by a laptop. I don’t have an i9 processor in any of the Macs I have around, but for the last 2 months anything on my lap was more or less intolerable unless it was two legged ;) I’d try recommend a couple of trials to see if it makes things better..try install menumeters, it’s a beautiful piece of software keeping essential informations at hand in the menubar, including processor usage. Sometimes Firefox gets stuck doing heaven knows what at 35% processor power or above until fans start spinning. At least you’ll be able to tell what’s happening under the hood..activity monitor in utilities folder will give deeper infos if processor seems to be overworking for no reason.

Try and install Macsfancontrol, or one of the likes and choose a personalized fan controlling to start increasing fans speed earlier than Apple can revert back to Auto anytime with a couple clicks.