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Why is screen green and flickering?

This is a repost since I didn’t get a resolution previously.

A couple weeks ago my screen turned green after a few seconds of booting up. Here are pictures of the same image on my broken MBP and a functioning MBP.


  • Some parts of screen flicker - different parts flicker depending on image (see end of album for video of textbox flickering on Wikipedia)
  • Screen changes shades of green over time (usual deepens)
  • Images appear normal on external monitor (via firebolt/hdmi)
  • The screen reverted to normal colors for an entire day yesterday, but is back to green today

Assessment from Apple genius bar appointment:

  • It's definitely the motherboard
  • The GPU looks like it's toast
  • ~$500

Assessment from computer repair shop:

  • It appears to be the display
  • ~$350

What I've tried:

Potential solutions

  • Replace display cable (LVDS)
  • Replace LCD
  • Replace entire display
  • Replace motherboard
  • Clean off some other component

I suspect Apple was wrong and this is not a motherboard issue because of normal external monitor behavior and the screen sometimes works.

Does anyone have any insights? Any other solutions? What should I try next?

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I second your thoughts, Apple is wrong. If it was a faulty graphics issue it would reproduce the same way through the external monitor too. It could be a just a faulty LVDS cable, or the screen Lcd panel. If you feel like attempting a DIY work, buy a cable and the screen glass as it’s likely it will break in the attempt, remove the screen, remove the glass with the help of hot air, a tool like iSesamo and some guitar picks. Then replace the cable and see if that solves the problem. Cost would be very little and you’d get some initial feedback. You can get some help from this guide: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Display Replacement

If it’s the lcd panel you can buy a new lcd and fit it yourself or just buy a used full display, with the help of the guide replacement will be quite easy, affordable and probably fun too

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Think I'll just get a used display - thanks!


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