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A convertible 15" laptop with a touchscreen. Model Number: 80V50010US.

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Screen Popping out of the bezel


I was just opening my lenovo yoga 710 i5 7th gen, kaby lake(2016, bought it 3 months back in best buy, Black Friday sale) and noticed a small crack sound.

upon further examining, found out that the screen is popping out slightly from the bezel in the bottom right corner(near the hinge) have attached the pics . The left side has no issues. There are no cracks developed on the screen and touch is working fine.

how major is this problem?..should the screen be replaced?…how to fix it?

Also please give a rough idea about the cost of repairing in the lenovo service center.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi @padfoot1024 ,

Lenovo usually gives a 12 months warranty on their products.

Don’t know about “Black friday” sales, but that shouldn’t preclude the manufacturer’s warranty. The laptop should still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Consult the manufacturer’s warranty statement that should be with the documentation that came with the laptop, as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If there is no separate document check the User manual.


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Thank you so much @jayeff ...the warranty has not expired though...have uploaded the pics now...are you able to deduce the problem ?...BTW how much does lenovo charge for a screen replacement [any ideas?]...

- de

Hi @padfoot1024 ,

I can see that the screen has moved away from the bezel so perhaps it isn't fitted correctly.

I have no idea what Lenovo would charge for a screen.

What is the problem with the screen that it needs to be replaced?

It may be that the bezel may need replacing or perhaps the display panel needs to be correctly positioned.

The exact problem won't be known until it has been opened and looked at.

I advise you not to do this to prevent voiding the warranty.

Contact Lenovo as per the warranty and find out from them if there are any costs. (which I think that there shouldn't be, but the warranty can vary from country to country)

- de

Is it advisable to keep the laptop lid open for a long time?...i didn't want to disturb/create more problems by opening and closing the currently covering the whole laptop [when not in use] with a light piece of cloth to keep it away from the dust.also i am currently not in a place to service my laptop :(.. .may take 2 months (approx) for me to to visit an authorized dealer..

- de

I researched a bit on the bezel mis-fittings/ screen popping cases and services required in the internet...majority of the threads were asserting that the whole screen was to replaced in such scenarios...will try contacting lenovo support center.

- de

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I see in your photos the screen popped out. But why it happened? What was the reason? You opened the laptop for the 1st time and noticed it? Or after using for a while? Maybe you opened the laptop 360 degrees in the wrong way, e.g. you hold the display from the corner instead of the middle and thats why it popped out.

Thank you. Pls answer and I will tell you the solution to your

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Hi @haarmenia

Thanks for reaching out...

As you pointed out, I actually now remember opening the lid from the right corner (as you guessed) quite a few times..

I think this may be the reason for screen to pop out.

Please tell me any solutions/suggestions that you have.

Thank you!.

- de

Dear Suraj,

I think you should find this kind of case. I think this will solve the problem.

Before that you can glue the screen and fix back to the place. Think for that you shouldn't take the laptop to the Lenovo warranty service. You can take the laptop to any laptop repair center.

Thank u

- de

Thank you very much for your inputs haarmenia.


- de

U r welcome Suraj

- de

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Hi, unfortunately i am not writing an answer however i would ask what you have done for this problem because i just saw this problem in my laptop today.

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