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Paired telescopes that allow a user to see really far!

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The object viewed is doubled

when i look through my Bausch & Lomb binoculars the viewed object does not appear as a single object but doubled. Or in other words the two lenses are not lining up so when you look at the single object you are viewing you see double vision instead where the object overlaps. Can this be repaired. This set of binoculars is almost brand new and I suspect they were maybe dropped which knocked the viewing alignment out. thank you for your help.

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And where do you buy such binoculars?


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Hi @conch70 ,

As they are “almost brand new” I suggest that you consult the warranty statement that is usually found in the User Manual that should have come with the binoculars, as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

According to this User Manual, in the USA and Canada, there is a ''lifetime limited warranty'' on the product by the manufacturer, subject to conditions obviously. Hopefully it is the same where you are.

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My husband was traveling home by train to make money, and his handbag was stolen, they probably thought there was money, and there was nothing but binoculars and a flashlight. He was so upset, this binocular was dear to him as a memory. I decided to give him a gift, give a new one. I entered all the necessary characteristics in the Internet search and on the site I found similar models. There for each everything is painted in detail. But I doubt something about the choice, how do you think the Celestron 71332 model would be a good choice?

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