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La PlayStation 3 Slim es la segunda versión de la videoconsola PS3 con el número de modelo original CECH-2000. Producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, solucionó muchos problemas de la Playstation 3 original (gruesa). Salió a la venta el 1 de septiembre de 2009.

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I havea single white dot when playing Bluray movies or game


recently i bought a new Full HD bravia TV. With a good quality HDMI cable (version 1.4)

I have a white dot that appears to the left of the center of the screen when i watch a bluray movie or play a game. it is not a dead pixel since it only appears when a BD is inserted and sometimes it flickers. I triedd to clean the ps3, change the hdmi but the dot is still here. i tried a different ps3 on my TV and there was not dot. Do you think it is the Bluray player ?

Thank you


I bought the blu ray cable...i ll try to change it as soon as i receive it and give you a feedback

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I would start first with cleaning the cable ends on the cables that run between the BluRay drive and the motherboard with rubbing alcohol and reseating them.Here is a guide to help you get to the BluRay drive. If that doesn't resolve the problem then I would replace those cables.

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Oki i ll do that and keep you in touch. Thank you :)

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Nop, it didnt work... Thank you anyway

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what is the exact model of your tv, please?

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+ good start

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th TV is sony bravia kdl-32bx400

The ps3 is a 250 Gb slim model

The hdmi cable is version 1.4

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here is a Video:

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