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Water Spill, MacBook working but not charging

Just spilled little bit of water on my keyboard. Battery was on 1% and it turned off immediatly, so I tried to check if it was working after cleaning it and it was charging without problems. Then I used hairdryer for 1 minute. Since then,

Macbook is powering up without problem, however this time it does not show how much battery is left and when I try to charge it green LED is not lighting, so I have no idea if it is actually charging it or not. It is making noise when turning on.

What could be damaged at this point and what can I do ? would cleaning the motherboard with alcohol be a good idea?

Update (05/14/2018)

Just did the SMC reset and green light is back on, the noise is gone, turned it off and gonna leave it upside down for 24 hours just in case. Everything is functioning properly at the moment, is motherboard cleaning with alcohol still required?.

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Yes, it is surely necessary, whatever is spilled leaves on touched components a thin conductive mineral layer that allows small currents to flow where they shouldn't. On the long run one or another problem would arise if the spill is not properly taken care of. Use this guide to minimize possible damages: MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

It would be better if you don't use your Mac at all before cleaning has been done.

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