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XM Satellite Ready & SIRIUS Satellite Ready 5-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI. There are multiple versions of this receiver and the differences are usually negligible. Depending on which receiver you have, some repairs may be performed differently.

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Is this unit compatible with univeral remotes?

I have had this receiver for a few years now. When I got it, I never got the original remote. While it would be nice to find the original remote, it's not strictly needed since most of the controls are available on the receiver with the exception of hard drive/recording access. I do not care about this since I use mine as a iPod dock over 3.5 Aux (Lightning device support is questionable), so I can live with losing this feature.

I have paired it with a remote I bought a few years ago at Dollar General (GE/Jasco 24922) and it only supports the power button and volume control. Nothing else works. I can't control the receiver with it and need to use the controls on the receiver to use most functions. While I don't strictly need one, I'd rather have one that works correctly.

Are there any universal remotes that are known to work or is the Pioneer OEM remote the only one that works correctly? I have also been told Pioneer copies the Apple model in terms of 3rd party accessory compatibility, including the remote.

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Hi @nick ,

Here is one brand of universal remote, according to this link. You may wish to verify with them that it supports all functions

Block Image

Alternatively get a cloned "original"

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I verified the model when I looked into a Harmony remote (I own the VSX-918V-K; the differences between them are negligible enough to do a general page) and it works. With that being said I haven't checked with Logitech as to compatibility; I'd assume it's much better then the cheap ones.

Cloned remotes are another option too. It seems like Pioneer units dislike most universal remotes like my GE/Jasco.

I guess I was too optimistic in thinking someone has gotten the universal remote to play nice with Pioneer receivers.

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I can now confirm the Harmony 650 works with this receiver correctly. I don't know about the Harmony 350, but I can confirm the 650 and likely the 665 work perfectly.

It took me a little while to buy one for testing, but I found one at Walmart (which is where I bought mine). It can be done, but most universal remotes are unlikely to work correctly.

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