The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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CMOS battery in SP4

can you remove or unplug the CMOS battery in the SP4? Or is this not possible? thanks

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This is possible this article also included a guide.

Your problem isn't about passwords but you have the same goal as the above mentioned article goal of resetting the BIOS if I am not wrong.

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I just followed all of the instructions in this article and have finally torn apart my Surface Pro 4 looking in vain for the CMOS battery. I cannot find one. This article is not legitimate as there is no button cell battery as pictured in this article on the motherboard. If there IS a CMOS battery can you please tell us where it is located?


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I ALSO need to reset the UEFI password on my Surface Pro 4 (I never set one in the first place but I have the error and cannot get past it) and cannot find ANY battery on the motherboard. Please help with further information about resetting the UEFI password because I have tried everything else in the article. My Surface is in pieces. I busted the screen attempting to open it but will buy another if someone can actually help me get past the UEFI password error. Your help is much appreciated, thank you!

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