HP 260 G2 wont turn on after BIOS update


I performed a BIOS update after installing Windows on a brand new device.

The installation seemed like it went well, but when it was done, it didn't work.

The screen stays blank, and the fans kick in very loudly after a bit.

I tried the Windows + B option they mention on HP's website but it doesn't work. Again this is a brand new device.

How can I fix it?

(PS I was not able to find this device in the list do I selected another one)


I tried to remove the BIOS battery and it didn't fix it.

And I just noticed, there is no power coming to the keyboard at all, so I can't even perform the Windows + B.

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Hi @enbrs ,

Try clearing and resetting the BIOS at least to see if you can start the PC and get into the BIOS menu screens


Do I need to apply electricity to the device and then press the button?


Hi @enbrs ,

The note at Step 4 in the link says to remove the power before you press the button


Hey @jayeff,

I disconnected the power. Pressed and held the button for 5-6 seconds. Then closed the unit, and plugged everything in. Same thing, no power to keyboard, no output to monitor. Only the fan which start low and the goes high.

Is there anything else I can try?


Hi @enbrs ,

Don't know if you tried this so if you have apologies.

Disconnect the HDD and see if it starts OK , enough to get into BIOS anyway. Just a thought.


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If it's brand new, take it back to where you got it.

You're sure you used precisely the right BIOS update file for your particular model, and you didn't have any power glitches while the new BIOS was installing?

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Yeah I will there are some holidays so have to wait till they open again, was trying to see if I can fix it so I don't have to take it in. But it doesn't seem like I can do it.

Afraid they will say user error and reject to service it. I don't think its user error seeing I downloaded the update from the official HP website for the model listed on the back of the Mini PC.

No glitches whatsoever while it was updating. Said it finished. And then turned off to reboot the system and it never turned back on again. No output to USB or Display.


Well, if you want them to take it back I surely would not mention that you did anything to it.Just say it just does not work.


There is windows installed on it. They are not stupid.


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