How does the speaker get contact?

Hi iFixit!

My Moto G4 just started going berzerk regarding to its earpiece speaker; it started losing contact randomly and the only temporary solution was to push the upper right side of the device from the back with a bit more force to get it to work for a short period of time.

I've decided to disassemble my G4, and I've stumbled into a problem which I can't really get the answer to.

Now, the speaker has, obviously, two contact prongs on itself, with two more prongs just underneath the earpiece on the PCB (as marked on the attachment below).

PCB picture with prongs marked

The plastic piece (or overlay, whatever you call it) that is being put on and screwed in seems to have two metal pieces on itself:

Sorry for the bad quality...

When closely inspected, while closing the phone back in piece, this metal pieces seems to go directly over the four prongs, vertically connecting them together (left side is positive, right side is negative...?)

The problem still persists, and I think the plastic has became warped or damaged due to heavy use.

Does the speaker actually connect like this, or is there some other way it does the job?


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