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Repair and troubleshooting guides for air conditioning units used in houses, offices, and cars.

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Ac/heat window unit not heating

I have a whirlpool ac and heat unit that just quit heating all of the sudden. All other functions work properly. What could have happened or could be wrong? Model # ACE184XK0

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Hi @jeffreywalton

What is the make and model number of the A/C unit?

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Hi @drmcleanann

What is the make and model number of your A/C unit?

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I am unable to locate the model number. And, it’s the heater that will not function. The fan blows…but, no heat.

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Hi @squareformat

Without a make and model number it will be difficult to give answers relevant to what the problem may be.

Usually there is an information label attached to an appliance somewhere, perhaps even on the inside so you may to remove the covers etc. unless it has faded and has become illegible

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@cdunigan this could be a bad thermostat, failed heating strip as well as multiple other issues. You would have to at least remove the cover and post some images of your unit that let's us see what you see. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that.

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Check so theres still gas inside it, I dont know how you check it on this model.

Usually theres a sensor in one of the pipes that feel the presure of the gas, if you put those two contacts against each other it should start cooling. But dont do it for a longer time, theres often a kind of "oil" in too and if its to little gas/oil you will break it if doing it for a longer time.

You can check for leaks also

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