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The HTC Desire 816 features a 5.5-inch display with a 1280x720 resolution, 13 mp rear facing camera and HTC BoomSound.

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My network drops every minute could not make calls or receive calls


Iam using HTC desire 816 Dual Sim, since from past 4 months i am facing problem with network signal, where i could not make calls or receive calls even if their is full signal strength. After making basic reset sometimes the whole signal gets dropped completely and i loose signal. This happens repeatedly, i have followed few forum with no permanent solutions. Even i have tried with Factory Reset and Changing SIM card with no Progress. Please help me resolve this issue...

looking forward for best solutions..

Thank you.......

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Can you test it on different network modes like 2G, 3G and 4G?

Sounds like antenna is busted inside the phone, probably a loose antenna cable.

If I'm correct it's 3G that's having a weak signal as the phone usually switches to 3G when a call is made or when the phone receives a call.

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Dear Mr.Ben,

Thank you for your reply to my quiry, yes as you said it may be issue with antenna because my mobile was dropped twice and has a dunk on the top left of the mobile above the selfie cam. I found the solution for this..

I removed selfie cam from the slot and after that my mobile started to receive signal and iam able to make calls and receive calls, but some times due to network fluctuation their is some issue with signal.

Thank you

Hope this article may help others who are facing issue with same subject.

- de

No worries, I'm glad you were able to solve the problem.

Do note that the antenna housing is basically screwed in at the top and at the bottom of the phone. So I would assume the antenna contacts and/or housing just need to be adjusted slightly for better connection to the logic board.

- de

Dear Mr.Ben,

Again here it comes the dame issue, no network signal, now my mobile it not coming up with network operators also. Iam really gone mad with this issue. Suddenly this happened when i traveled from one place to another. It was all fine until i stayed at my regular places, but yesterday when i traveled to different location this problem regained.

- de

Hello, It's been 2 years now but I have excatly the same problem with my U11 life.. When i traveled to a different location this problem regains. Sometimes it just drops for no reason. Sometimes it doesn't comeback for 1 day. Sometimes it's back after a few hours... Really frustrating...

Do you remember if you solved this problem?

- de

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