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El Kenwood Chef A701A es una batería de pie lanzada por Kenwood.

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How do I replace latch pin?

How do I replace the latch pin?

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@noreenmcgrath check the diagram and see if you are referring to the catch pin (25) or the hinge pin (49).

From the SM

Block Image

Catch Pin and Quadrant Assembly

  • Lift head of mixer
  • Remove circlip (27) from out end of Catch Pin (25), slide catch pin out fro Pedestal (37), the spring (26) is now free.
  • When refitting circlip, Tool KT 10168 is available, which will assist in retaining clip whilst being refitted to catch pin.
  • To remove Quadrant assembly, first carry out previous instruction 1 and 2.
  • Remove for screws (31) securing Body cover (30), allow body cover to drop.
  • Access is now available to two screws (29) securing Quadrant assembly to Body assembly.

Post some images of the pins etc. with your question. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that. That way we can see what you see.

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Hi @noreenmcgrath ,

The part that I referred to in my answer to your earlier question Mixer opening when mixing is #25 . It also says that full instructions will be given with the part.

Hopefully this adds to @oldturkey03 excellent answer

- de

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Connect top slide facing downwards towards the machine not sideways. Slide latch assy through with the handle going through the slide. Place plastic attachment through hole on the left with spring and connect spring on the wall that the plastic piece is in. Turn until you have tension where the round area is towards the the insert hole. Your handle should be facing down. When you close it should catch. Any more questions shoot me an email at

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