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Lanzado en Septiembre 16, 2016. Modelos 1660, 1778. Disponible en GSM o CDMA / 32, 128, o 256 GB / Oro Rosa, Oro, Plata, Negro Mate y Negro Brillante.

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Parts repair list for front replacement screen?


Could someone please provide me with a complete list of all the proper Parts, trim adhesive, & any NEW special tools I will need to repair a full front replacement screen on a iPhone 7 White A1660 Verizon phone?

I've done 20 or so iPhone 6, 6+ replacements, but this is my first iPhone 7. I noticed when opening the phone it has a section of White gasket adhesive at each end and some black trim adhesive on each side running the length of the phone, what is the easiest way to buy the trim adhesive kits for ease of installition.

I also see I need to purchase a new Y000 screwdriver, but I'd like to know I bought all the things I need the first time to do a screen replacement the right way the first time.

I'm buying the full replacement screen, but I don't think they come with the home button, I assume I'll transfer mine over to the new screen, am I correct on this? Is it a tough job other than warming the adhesive to loosen it ? Any Gasketsetc needed?

Thanks for any help on this.

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