Shutter button issue Nikon P510

OK, My Nikon P510 shutter button wont allow me to take pics. When I first got it, I'd hold down the shutter button part way to allow it to focus, then push it all the way to snap the shot. The pressure needed to snap the shot became harder and harder to press to take a pic. I've only taken a few hundred pics with this camera, but My Cannan was stolen, so back to the P510. Every once and a while, Im able to get it to take a pic occasionally but it takes A LOT of force on the right side of the button. If Im lucky enough to get it to work at all, I usually have to shut the camera off, back on and, and if Im lucky, with A LOT of pressure to get the shutter to snap a pic. The easy push to auto-focus works flawlessly. I've seen this on other forums and seems to be a common problem, but I haven't seen anyone answer the question.

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