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The moving part inside the bread pan has stripped

how do I get the shaft out?

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Please tell us make and model number.

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By the picture it's a very common, maybe the most common bread making machine, sold under an endless list of brands such as Clatronic, Majestic, least here in Europe. Pretty low life span design unfortunately.

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I had a similar bread making machine and I might be wrong but I presume the assembly should be the same. If you remove the dough mixing container you will probably see an easily accessible resistance. By memory, if you look carefully inside, on the bottom metal plate you will find a few 2 dotted tamper proof screws. If you used the machine for quite some time, it will be probably difficult to spot them as the plate and everything are charred and rusted. I didn't have at the time any success in unscrewing them despite I sprayed deoxydizers and let them sit for days. Hope you will have better luck.

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