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No display, no post, no bios

Well I just spent $1500 on PC parts and now that is all put together it won't give me a display, no post no bios, nothing.

every fan is working same the LED lights

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Check that the RAM is seated properly. Do this with the power disconnected.

Disconnect everything except the RAM and video card (unless it has onboard video) and power button connection i.e HDD, ODD, USB etc and see if you can get into BIOS

Is there a speaker connected to the appropriate motherboard header pins at all? This may help to give you a clue as to what is or is not happening i.e beep error codes.

What is the make and model number of the motherboard?

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Ah THANKS my ram on the laptop motherboard was just not seated properly.

it looks like the ram is seated probably but no and yeah..

Thank you very much.

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Some motherboards are compatible with specific processors, make sure you have the right one. Just because it seats on the socket doesn't mean it's supported.

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I had the same problem. This solution worked for me.

I removed all my connections(usb,printer, external hdd), removed CMOS battery and pressed the ON button for 30secs. Then put it back and turned it on and then finally I pressed the RESTART button for 5secs.

The motherboard logo with all the boot menu, bios option started popping up.

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This worked perfectly. Thank you. I don't know what cause the issue in the first place but I was in the process of trying to flash the bios which I didn't really get to do though.

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If you removed the coin cell cmos battery to reset the BIOS, check the voltage of the battery.

The battery is a non rechargeable Lithium coin cell type and usually has a life of approx 4-5 years.

If the voltage is <2.4V DC or the battery is >4 years old, replace it.

When the voltage gets low (good battery voltage is 3V) what can sometimes happen is that corruption occurs in the BIOS software which can prevent the PC from starting correctly.

Performing a power refresh as described in the answer above, resets the BIOS to its default factory settings allowing the PC to start normally.

If the battery voltage is low it may start OK again many times after this but don't be surprised if it fails again shortly afterwards - days, even a few weeks.

The battery type number is on the battery. A lot are CR2032 which is commonly available everywhere e.g. supermarkets.

The "proprietary" ones i.e. with a wired plug connector on them you would have to order in.

Remember to reinsert the battery +ve on top as marked on the battery. The wired one only plug in one way

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Jayeff is right, disconnect everything that is not needed to boot in BIOS. Disconnect the hard drives(s), optical drive(s), floppy drive(s). If the motherboard has a built in video remove any other video adapters. Keep 2 sticks of memory and remove the other sticks. Connect the monitor and power up the system and be patient for a few minutes.

If you hear beeping or if you see indicator lights (power, disk, wireless, etc) blinking in a pattern then see if you can look up the error on the motherboard manufacturer's support page or user manual.

If you get the BIOS screen to start then check the settings. At this point add one device at a time, add the rest of the memory first and if it still boots then add one drive at a time. It is a slow process but if you make one change and the computer fails to boot, then you can undo the change and try something else. This will isolate what works and what doesn't.

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