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Power Supply - symptoms question

I read that power supplies can be an issue. My unit began to fail a few months ago, unplugging an waiting a hour it would restart. Now no more restarts. It is a 2TB unit with a Delta 614-0464 PS. Fan runs and I can hear the drive spinning, but no light and no connection with my computer. With that information, is this the classic PS problem or is this thing dead?

BTW, the Apple design team needs to learn that plastics and rubber have terrible thermal conductivity. What were they thinking wrapping the unit entirely in a "blanket"!


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I have been waiting a while for one to turn up on my workbench. Finally got a chance to work on one.

Slightly different problem.. yours does sound like a typical failure of the Gen4..

If the drive and fan are running the unit is getting power .. but the board is unable to start.

If you have applecare or can still get it (buy an apple TV and applecare for it) as long as the TC is no more than 2 years old it will be covered. Then return the apple TV for refund.

I just pulled out the supply and replaced it with external supply. What I would do is try the oven bake method after that to see if it is a poorly soldered board.

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