Moto X Play is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility, a division of Lenovo. Unveiled on July 28, 2015, it is one of three devices that succeeded the second-generation Moto X.

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Little plug for power on cable broken. Tiny tiny. Who sells it?

Trying to replace screen I took out the cable (inside) orange that connects the power ON and the volume control. The little tiny plug that connects it to the board dettached and broke. Can I buy this piece somewhere? What is the correct name for it?

THANKS A LOT!! My whole phone is ruined if i dont get the piece. Can I find pieces from old ruined phones somewhere online? THANKS!

Update (09/13/2016)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Two pics are the slot ON THE PHONE board where the part goes. The other two are pics of the little part that I need under the miscroscope. It has 3 pins on one side sticking out and 4 slots on the other (I guess to plug in the board) THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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I would look for power button/ volume button flex cable. if you search in ebay for moto x play power button some will show up, hope this helps.

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I think they mean the FPC or ZIF connector soldered onto the board.


now that I read it again, I think you are right.


Yea, @clericoeugenia , can we get some pics or a better description of what you are talking about?


I will post the pics later. But YES, IT IS THE THING attached to the board. I had to look at it with a magnifier. (I had bought a flex cable thinking that it could come with the end attached, but it did not). Thanks a lot!!!!


@clericoeugenia are the pads in good condition?


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