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Repair and support information for the Asus ZenFone 6. It utilizes an Intel Atom 2580 processor. Was released 2014.

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My Dual Sim, SD card flex cable is broken and Dead phone

My SD card keeps on auto removing due to multiple unintended drops of my Zenfone 6.

_____I tried to see what's in it and what I can do to fix it, but this happened.______

So I did some researched and found out that I should replace the whole thing because apparently those dual sim slots don't also work, I have to keep on reinserting every time the SD card or Sim goes auto removal.

______Now the inside of my phone looks like this:______

Then I tried turning it on, it turns on even without the sim and sd flex cable attached.

However, upon further tinkering, my phone now won't turn on. It won't charge, it won't vibrate. How do I fix this? Did I short circuit something or wreck the battery (Still had 60% )?

_____This is what remains of my dead Asus Zenfone 6:_____

Edit: Added more pictures

_____The broken SD flex cable:_____

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What do you mean by not charging? Like not drawing any power from the usb port or just nothing on the screen?

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It won't turn on anymore. So just a dead screen, black, no light.

It also won't charge.

Edit: added more pics of my dead phone

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Went to the repair guys, they have the sim flex cable but as for my dead phone, they said I may have short circuit it. Well, that's that... I have to pay roughly $40 USD converted from my countries currency to hopefully fix it (if it will still be fixed).

Lesson learned: Disconnect the battery to the motherboard and turn off your phone when tinkering. Welp, I am an amateur just looking at youtube how to guides...

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Basics on tinkering with your phone: Shut it down , remove the battery or disconnect the battery from the mobo.

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