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Released 2014, October; Android 0S, v4.4.4, up to v5.1; 32/64GB storage and exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

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My phone took a swim in a chlorinated pool. Help!

Phone was in my pocket when I had to jump in after my toddler. Baby girl is fine, she had already turned over with her head back out of the water, but my phone . . . not so much. I'm devastated because I had sooooo many pictures and videos on it. What can I do?

I threw my phone over to a friend who immediately dried it off, but she also tried to turn it back on before I could stop her. It stayed on, updating apps for about 15 mins before it went off. We put it in a bowl of rice overnight, and next day my hubby took the back off and used a hairdryer (on cool) to try to dry it out. I don't know what to do to try to get the pics/videos back!!!

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@blessedx3 do not try to turn your phone on, sync it to your computer or anything else. Do not plug the phone into your computer (USB) This can make a bad situation a whole lot worse.

Next, skip the rice. It does not do anything but provide a false sense of doing something. It does not stop corrosion nor fix SMD components that may have shorted out. NO RICE TO FIX THINGS, only as a meal.

You want to treat this just like you would any other immersion. Regardless of make and model the principle is always the same. The next thing to do is to clean it. Disassemble your phone using these guides. Once it is disassembled, you do need to clean it properly. You will need high grade isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Use this guide to see how to clean it. Even so it was written for an Apple iPhone 3G all the points are still pertinent to your phone. Do not forget to remove any EMI shields for proper cleaning. While you are cleaning it, check for any broken, missing or burned looking components. Clean, clean and clean again. The best way would be with a ultrasonic cleaner if you have access to that. Once you are absolutely certain it is properly cleaned, replace the battery. All these steps are to avoid delayed failure caused by corrosion. Once all this is done, reassemble your phone and reevaluate. Water damage is the toughest to repair since you do not really know which part has shorted out. There really is no easy way to get this fixed. You will also get lots of answer about recovery software. NONE OFF THOSE WILL WORK IN YOUR CASE.

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Hi i know im 7 years late but, what is the max days/time a phone is ressucitable

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@rafasarabillo there really isn't. Once you take it apart you can see what the corrosion damage looks like, make your decision based on that.

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@oldturkey03 I tend to write off any chance of recovery when a pool chemical is involved. Tends to kill the phones shortly after repair :(. They almost never come back.

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@Nick does this apply to all phones or just non-water proof ones?

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And oldturkey does washing the insides help?

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Hey Mandi,

First, glad to hear your baby girl is okay.

Second, when your friend turned the phone

back on, it probably did the damage then.

If your pics/vids were saving on a MicroSD

card, then you should be able to put it in an

adapter or card reader and then transfer

your pics/vids on to another card, computer,


If the pics/vids were just on-board phone

memory, then the best you can do is try to

plug the phone into your computer (USB)

to see if the computer will detect the phone

and memory. If the phone shows up as

an accessible drive/folder on your computer,

then there's a good chance you can move

the pics/vids to your computer.

If not... well, at trip to Verizon may be your

only option.

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