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Aporte original por: Anthony Tanjoco ,


Hey Mandi,

First, glad to hear your baby girl is okay.

Second, when your friend turned the phone

back on, it probably did the damage then.

If your pics/vids were saving on a MicroSD

card, then you should be able to put it in an

adapter or card reader and then transfer

your pics/vids on to another card, computer,


If the pics/vids were just on-board phone

memory, then the best you can do is try to

plug the phone into your computer (USB)

to see if the computer will detect the phone

and memory.  If the phone shows up as

an accessible drive/folder on your computer,

then there's a good chance you can move

the pics/vids to your computer.

If not...  well, at trip to Verizon may be your

only option.