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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para la cafetera Breville BKC600XL

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Flashing tank when full

Descaled now the water tank is blinking even though it's full

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What is the size of hose in a box 600 xl fill tank

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Sounds like your magnetic sensor is stuck in the down position or malfunctioning.

  1. Take a look in your water reservoir in the bottom front right area. You should see something that looks like a dark grey cookie (about the diameter of a 50cent piece (or looney if you’re a canuck). It will be vertically inside a clear slot and will float up and down based on water level. If that is stuck in the down position and does not float up to the top, Mr. Blinky Machine will go to town;
  2. If the thin hockey puck has free movement up and down with water level changes, then the sensor inside the machine that detects water level, by sensing the position of the floatie cookie/thin-hockey-puckey thingee, could be having a bad day. Take a look there first and post a response. Once you’ve ruled that out the next suspect can be considered.

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