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15.6" PC laptop by Acer / Released 2009

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New SSD not recognised


It had been suggested to myself by a friend to add a new SSD to my laptop to help improve it a little.

The SSD being used is a newly bought SanDisk Ultra II 2.5 120gb Read:550mb/s Write:500mb/s.

This has now been fitted to my machine, however doesn't seem to show anywhere when doing a fresh install of Windows. It is currently running Windows Vista Home Premium at the moment.

No drive shows during the install process when being asked to select a drive, nor when using disk part in command prompt, or in the bios set up menu.

Even though I have been told this would work and be compatible with my model, I do not believe it is.

Is this something you can confirm? Or is there another problem I need to fix in order for it to register?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to your response.

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In BIOS check what mode your SATA controller is set to. If it is set to IDE change it to ACHI. Also ensure that the drive is seated properly into the SATA connection

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Thank you for you response Jayeff.

The SATA controller is set to ACHI in bios already. Also I have ensured the drive is inserted correctly, still no luck.

Any other suggestions?

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Can you try inserting the SSD into another PC to verify that it is OK? It may be faulty out of the box! Also install your old drive again to verify that the port is still working.

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Hi, verify the laptop has the latest BIOS update. Perhaps a simple BIOS update will resolve your issue.

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Check if it's recorded in BIOS, press F2 at boot.

If not, will be not good.

Another client got issues with Kingston SSD not ready to boot but rather recorded on BIOS, i believe there's some incongruence.

For any further query contact at acer customer service number 888-306-5155 toll-free.

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Or you could possibly try putting the old drive back in. Boot into Windows. Download Macrium Reflect. Put SSD in an external enclosure and with Macrium you can clone an exact replica of your old HDD, OS etc. To the SSD MBR included.

If the SATA connection is still good (because your old drive works) then either that SSD well boot right up as long as your BIOS isn't set to RAID or something, or the SSD is dead, incompatible for some odd reason, or... okay those are all my ideas.

Your not on UEFI BIOS and going from Win 7 to Win 8 or something like that are you?

That whole EFI, not EFI thing can be a nightmare especially when running Win 7 and an EFI capable Linux Distro on the same machine.

The EFI BIOS on my ASUS mobo in my power machine - good, fine. The EFI on a little fanless media PC I built HOLLY NIGHTMARE just to get Windows boot drive run.

Speaking of which you are installing Windows from a USB stick and not a DVD right?

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