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If my skills or experience can be of help to any of you please let me know.

I'm an RN by profession (mostly ER and ICU), however I'm also a general contractor. I owned and operated a real estate development company before the market crashed.

I also do some work as an Intellectual Property and Privacy Protection consultant. My tech skills are pretty solid and very diverse.

My most fine tuned skills however come from simply being a hobbyist and a DIY-er. I'm going to make a list of skills, and past projects to make it simple.

These lists are currently incomplete.

Skills in no particular order or category:

  1. Carpentry. Primarily fine carpentry, as in furniture grade woodworking. Though I can do it, I am no framer. My experience is more in the area of things you'll see in my projects list like
    1. Built in entertainment center with built in storage benches sporting 48" piano hinges. Wooden window valences with luck lights wired to dimmer switch.
    2. crown moulding on entertainment center and valences.
    3. Built in banquet with decorative trim and storage.
    4. Custom sofa table with whiteboard paneling in the door panels.
    5. toy storage bench.
    6. more of the same.
  2. Electrical writing. My skill level isn't super high on this one, but the above mentioned projects required quite a bit of writing for:
    1. writing outlets into the back of built in entertainment center.
    2. wiring puck lights to dimmer switch... figuring out how to wire a dimmer.
    3. wiring outlets onto the front of built in banquet from the outlets it covered up.
    4. more of the same.

Just getting started with these lists... waste of time to do this on a phone.


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