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Where is the screw guide in the iFixit repair guide?


The last time I used an iFixit guide (which was a godsend) there was a page you could print out which identified all the screws removed and kept them in order for replacement. It was so great! Now I'm on my next big project and I cant find the screw guide, help please?

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type in "screw guide" in the search box.

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Dear Mayer,

Thanks for your response, but putting 'screw guide' in the search box produces a list of screw SETS available to buy for each model, not the guide which Kyle refers to in his answer, which used to accompany the early repair guides, but no longer seem to be available. Great pity.


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Even though we haven't made them, nothing is stopping you from doing it! Anyone can create a screw guide and add it to a guide. Would it help if we released our template?

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Thanks for responding Kyle.

Yes, it would help if the template were available to create new guides and I can see the need for us all to help. However I will be duplicating the guide I need which already exists in your list, for the PowerBook G4 Aluminium 12" 1.5GHz but which no longer accompanies the repair manuals. Why not release the ones you have as well as help us make more?

- de

The fact that not all of the screw guides are linked from each of the associated guides is a bug we discovered recently. Rest assured, we're working on fixing it now so that everyone can see our existing older screw guides, as well as new ones created by the community. :)

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Taylor, that's great news. And I'm glad the screw guides are missing because of a bug, rather than a deliberate choice. This stiffens my resolve to get on and strip my laptop for the upgrade I plan.

- de

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Kyle had a good answer to a similar question here.

Also I believe someone else asked your same question here.

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