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Screw guide for 12 inch PowerBook

A few years ago, I downloaded from your site a screw guide fr my 12 inch PowerBook. I put double sided scotch tape (placed a sheet of wax paper over each sheet when storing).

I am now looking for a replacement.

I found it extremely useful.

I noted some other devices have the guides, what happened to the 12 inch PowerBook one?

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We need to know the exact models to be able to direct you to your specific machines.

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I found the guide for the 12 inch iBook G4.

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I'm sorry, meant to include it is the 1.0 GHz model.

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G3, G4 ? Did Is the G4 iBook the one you need?

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I have a 12 inch G4 iBook and found it's guide on your repair page for it. Using that as my template, I guessed at the 12 inch 1.0 GHz PB until I found it. Took about a dozen tries. Recommend you re-establish the link from it's repair page.

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Sterling dude thanks a bunch for the screw guide you're a lifesaver bro!

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