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How to replace broken screen on Toshiba smart TV?

The Screen is cracked the screen will show a picture on each side but in the middle of the screen it is black, I want to fix it my self but how do I get parts and a guide to repair.

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I call Toshiba and they said it was repairable, I check with a repair service and he said it cost more than the TV I paid over $800. for a 52 inch I need to order a screen for it any help out their .


Hi sis I have the same problem do u manage to find the replacement LCD screen? If yes can I know whr to find pls.thank u


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Hi Joyce Mcvay,

Well, I guess Toshiba gave you a correct answer, it is repairable, BUT, price will be high (and could even be higher then a new TV).

This is what I would do:

Try to open the TV, look for the LCD model number on the back of the LCD. Then, search the internet to find a replacement. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Other option is: go searching for a "same model" TV with other malfunctions and exchange the good LCD into your TV.

By the way, what happend to your LCD?? Howcome it is broken?

Greetz, Pierre.

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Thanks Pierre. My TV got broken because my 11 year old twins boys was play ball in the den and the ball hit my coffee table and a bowl sitting their and the ball hit the bowel and bowel hit the TV screen and I had jut gotten it, still had a few payment to go. Yes I'm sick but that kids , thank again for the info.


Hi Joyce Mcvay, that's too bad, but accidents happen. I hope you can find a spare part or TV to repair your lcd. Goodluck.


Also try open the back of TV to find unique part number as part numbers are important then just TV model. There could be many similar models and each of them with different facilities to use on screen.

As not all LCD parts are axactly made from same brand .


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