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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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Has anyone installed the 10 hour battery

I am about to deploy overseas and could really use the extra time the new battery offers. Has anyone installed the new battery and if so, did you net any additional life on the computer?

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Thie upgraded battery works in the 2009 model. This is because the connector is the same and the screw mounts are the same. The problem is finding it is not easy, since Apple does not make it easy to source parts without paying them to install them. You will have to look at sites who risk it by selling OEM Apple parts or look at quality aftermarket batteries. At this point, it will be easier since it has been confirmed the high capacity battery is compatible with the 2010-present MacBook Pro then it was in 2010.

Here's the battery from iFixit, or Welovemacs. Aftermarket batteries are not a good idea unless you get them from a source like OWC/MacSales

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How much did the battery cost you at apple? How much life are you getting?

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Any updates as far as the battery life.. I myself have a 2009 unibody mbp. Cycle count is 927 with 77% health.

Did you have to get the battery from Apple or does anyone else sell it?

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Can you post a link to that battery please? Honestly, I dont understand what are you talking about..

I also have mid 2009 13", I know I can buy exact same battery which I have right now, but new - from Apple.

Is there any possibility to buy "stronger" battery that will fit?


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what item are you talking about? Please post the link. I'd love to have 10 hours in my 2009 macbook pro. thanks.

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Bruce - There really isn't a 10 hour battery.

What they are talking about is the newer battery has a few more Milli Amp hours in storage. While it will buy you a few minutes more, it won't really lengthen the amount of run time by that much when you put it into the older systems.

You see its more than the battery, it's the about of load the system has. The newer model which intro'ed this newer battery boosted it had a 10 hour run time which is were that came in.

The newer CPU and support chips the newer system had lowered the battery load which is what lengthened the system run time.

Putting the battery into an older system won't really offer the same amount run time. We measured about 10 minutes more in a 2009 MacBook Pro doing very little.

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Thanks for the comment and explanation Dan. I was actually going to say I have this battery in my 2009 model right now (I was wondering if you guys were talking about the same one), and it doesn't help battery life that much at all, especially in EL Capitan. I have reservations about upgrading to Sierra.

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Switching out the battery as you've noted offered no improvement and I would agree its not worth the cost for so little when your current battery still is good. If your battery was in need of replacing, then that would be the best time to replace it as long as you didn't pay to large a premium ($10-15 US more).

As to OS's there is very little difference between them as far as altering the batteries run time. So I wouldn't hold back because of that.

Drive & Memory can effect run time!

The biggest hit on the battery is the drive. Moving to a SSD will gain you the most but it can be costly, and you do want to make sure you get the biggest you can afford. I would go with 512 MB or 1 TB if you can. Today the prices are still on the high side but less than before.

If you are planning on upgrading the RAM get the low voltage version as it will consume less power. I would also max out the RAM as well.

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