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Modelo A1278 /Procesador 2.4 o 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo de mediados de 2010

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Magsafe Adaptor problems and battery

Hi there,

I have a problem with my Macbook pro 13", Mid 2010 :

When I plug my Magsafe adaptor into my macbook, it won't charge. Only when my mac is off or when my computer's closed.

I try to reset the SMC and other things but it's still not working...

So maybe you guys know how to fix it ?

The mac use to work perfectly before I restore it (was pretty slow).

By the way, they say that my battery's need to be check as well.

Maybe the both come together ?

Thanks for your help


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It sounds like the MacBook is drawing power to run the Mac but not charge the battery at the same time. Depending on the update, the battery may have been marginally good but is now being specced as bad by the software.

Here's a few ideas:

- Check the battery condition on the Battery menu icon.

- Check the Magsafe slot on the MacBook to see if there is any metallic debris. A magnet is there designed to hold the Magsafe plug, but it can pick up anything metal, as well, causing the plug to not seat well and even create a potential short.

-Try another Magsafe charger to see if it will charge the battery.

- If it doesn't then the battery may be at fault.

- If a new battery does not fix the issue, then the problem may be with the MacBook itself. Take it to an Apple store to get it checked out.

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Modern consumer-grade Lithium-ion packs are expected to last 300-500 complete discharge-charge cycles (However, abuse, like completely draining the battery multiple times will drastically reduce those numbers). I do not know how you use your system, but having to replace a battery under two years' of "normal" use would not be uncommon.

- de

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