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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para dispositivos de red inalámbricas de Apple Time Capsule.

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What are the power supply pinouts for the 500gb time capsule?

I would like to splice in a computer power supply to see if the the time capsule electronics are still functional--the power supply is dead.

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Dan Gardner, I used an image from ifixit. The voltages are

Pin 1- 5v

Pin 2- 5v

Pin 3- Gnd

Pin 4- Gnd

Pin 5- Gnd

Pin 6- 5v

Block Image

and the image should tell the rest of the story. . BTW have you tried to fix yours. You do know that some of them only have the usual failing capacitor issue. May be a cheaper fix. Hope this helps, good luck.

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This is a known issue with the Time Capsule. They run too hot and the case traps the heat in them which will bake the capacitors given enough time, even good ones; they are a consumable good. It's still worth trying, but it needs to be fixed from time to time on these early units due to how much heat they trap. IF you do this, change ALL OF THE CAPS; not just the bad ones. It's when, not if when this occurs.

However, doing this is VERY risky. You need to drain the power supply for a few days to be sure after pressing the power button for 30 seconds to drain the residual on the capacitors first. UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED ENOUGH, don't do it without allowing a day or two of time to let it drain what may be left. This job isn't for the faint of heart due to the potential risk.

Refer to this guide: Apple Time Capsule Model A1254 - Remplacer les condensateurs d'alimentation

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nick, nice little Wicki, but transformers do not hold a charge, it's the caps that do. Those are the once you want to be careful off:)

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The tolerance is not 50uF but a percentage of the capacitance the caps. Power supply electrolytic capacitors have a tolerance of up to 100% higher, so you can replace a capacitor with another capacitor as long the replacement is equal or higher in uFs and voltage

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Hey Nick, the link you have now leads to a sketchy scam website. Probably best to edit it out.

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@thequacker Not a scam. The domain lapsed. I'll have to find a new one >_<.

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Earlier it took me to one of those “your Mac is infected with malware and you must call XXX-XXX-XXXX to resolve. May have just been a one time thing but I figured it was best to tell you. @nick

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I can say from experience that leaving the time capsule out of mind for a few days will NOT drain the capacitors. They hold their charge for a long time. Get a low ohm resistor between a pair of pliers and hold it across the contacts of each of the capacitors. Make sure they are drained because it does hurt to be zapped.

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