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The Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System is a series of DVD-based home media systems in the Bose 2.1 home theater line. The Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System was sold between 2001 and 2006 and was available in black and graphite colors.

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Internal Sub-woofer Fuse Blown. Need details on replacement.

The other day, we had a power outage followed by a surge once the power was restored. I noticed that after this incident, my Bose 3-2-1 would not turn on. Upon opening the sub-woofer unit, I found that a fuse that was hardwired to the circuit panel inside was completely shattered.

As a makeshift measure to allow the device to operate, I put a piece of tin foil in place of the fuse. I would like however to get the right fuse for the device as well as to be able to install it. I think it would be best to replace the internal design with an actual fuse holder so that future replacements won't require me to cut and (potentially) need to re-solder the fuse back in. I need to know however what AMP rating and side of a fuse that I should put into the Bose as well.

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I am not sure what you mean by "side of a fuse" you may need to elaborate on that.

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Please do not operate the equipment with the tinfoil, instead of a proper fuse. you are running the risk of further damage as well as a fire hazard.

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Sorry to be ignorant but how can I tell if that fuse is blown because if I can tell on mine the fuse looks good but I am having the exact same problem?

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Disconnect the power to the system and then connect an Ohmmeter across the fuse.

The meter should display 0.00Ω i.e. a short circuit. The same reading as you will get if you touch the two meter test probes together ;-)

If it displays OL then the fuse is faulty.

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Anthony Munoz, according to the service manual you will need the following (depending on location):

2.5A, 250V, .60 x .19, SLO-BLO (US, JAPAN, DUAL)

1.25A, 250V, 5X20 MM, SLO-BLO (EURO, UK, AUS)

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what site can order a fuse 2.5A, 250V, .60 x .19, SLO-BLO

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