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XM XDNX1V1, A dock and play radio car kit manufactured by Sirius XM.


For more information regarding common issues with this device, check out this troubleshooting page SiriusXM Onyx Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The SiriusXM Onyx is a Dock and Play XM satellite radio that has a full-color screen, and ten customizable channel presets, located the bottom of the device. There are four buttons (power, menu, FM, and jump, in descending order on the right), and circular navigational buttons to the left of those four buttons.

This device also comes with a PowerConnect Power Adapter, which includes auxiliary output cable and power adapter/FM transmitter, as well as car accessories, such as a docking station, an auxiliary audio input cable, and roof-mount antenna. The PowerConnect Vehicle Dock can be attached to the bottom of the device.

On the back of the device, there is a slightly elevated section that lists the device name (SiriusXM Onyx) and the model number (XDNX1).

This device is compatible with a XM Satellite radio subscription, which is sold separately by SiriusXM.

The SiriusXM Onyx XDNX1V1 has been discontinued by SiriusXM.

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XM XDNX1V1 Onyx Review

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