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To resolve common problems with the Pioneer Elite PRO-R06U, visit the device's troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Pioneer Elite PRO-R06U is a 6th generation plasma digital media receiver along with Pioneer PDP-R06U. The Elite PRO-R06U can be identified by its black finish and its model number which is listed on the top right corner of its front panel. Its finish is completely black, unlike the PDP-R06U which has a silver front panel cover.

The media receiver is capable of managing multiple inputs and acts as a link between entertainment/sound systems and a plasma TV. Its features include four input terminals for analog or digital audio/video systems, PC card compatibility, two antenna/cable inputs, cable card compatibility, two HDMI inputs, and subwoofer connecting terminal.

The Pioneer Elite Pro-R06U comes with a number of features that highlight its versatility as a digital media receiver. The remote control that pairs to the receiver activates most of the device's extra features. When viewing cable television programs, the receiver can access the networks POD service. It also allows the user to split the screen and simultaneously view inputs from two separate devices on the plasma TV. Other features include the ability to freeze the image, to block non-rated and mature programs with password protected parental controls, to record programs, and to select favorite channels.

The media receiver accepts a wide variety of inputs aside from cable and satellite broadcasting. Among other devices, the manual includes instructions for connecting VCRs, DVD players, personal computers, and general HDMI equipment. The remote control has specific buttons dedicated to managing specific input devices, specifically VCR, DVD/DVR, cable, and SAT inputs.

Failure of the Pioneer Elite Pro-R06U can be particularly inconvenient as the device acts as bridge between all of the user's entertainment systems and the plasma television. Common failure modes such as overheating or a defective optical drive are likely to require the user to connect their entertainment systems directly to the limited ports of the television until the media receiver is back in working order. Fortunately, replacing defective parts on the Pioneer Elite Pro-R06U is not a daunting task, and can be undertaken to repair the receiver with minimal hassle.

Additional Information

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