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The Pioneer Elite PRO-RO6U is a digital media receiver for plasma display TVs. It manages and connects various entertainment systems to the TV's display.

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Power issues with my receiver.

The issue started with the receiver. Suddenly the “On” blue light, “standby” red light, and “recording” orange light all came on and the TV didn’t came back on again.

Side note: whenever I connect the black system cable to the TV, the light on the TV goes from blinking red to blue to a STILL red.

My guess, perhaps I was using an incorrect power cable, but never had an issue for the first few months.

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OK. You need a pioneer remote control, original is the best choice; they are available on e bay. This also works on Pioneer plasma TV, Plug in the media receiver while it is connected to the plasma TV, and engage the remote control as Follows.. Press……. DISPLAY……… < left arrow ………Up Arrow……… < left arrow ……….. > Right arrow……….. then press the ON / OFF button on the remote, The condition that you are experiencing is called LOCK OUT and was caused by applying electric power to the unit with the metal case not in place. A small white button engages when you removes the case and lock out the main circuit board.

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I have a pioneer plasma 940 HD I follow the prompts with my remote and nothing seems to work the red and blue lights are still on and the TV will not power up any ideas

- de

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The media receiver has one “achilles” heel and that is if anyone removes the cover from the unit and plugs it in, the system goes to lockout and the indications you mentioned would be evident, blue light, red light, and orange light, all ON at the same time. The system protects itself from intrusions into the technology that is protected by trademark. The system can be reset if you have the remote. Please reply if you need that information since the post is a few months old.

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Hi Tom,

Why not just give the information now? The idea with IFIXIT is that you help many people at once - not just the one asking the question.

- de

Tom if you could help me appreciate it. I have a plasma Lee 940 HD I took the back Wolf trying to fix my right speaker to no avail. Put it back together in my red and blue later on, I followed all the information using my remote to Novelles I cannot get the unit of power back on. Can you help

- de

I have a problem with the same system where the TV is blinking standby. Any solutions?

- de

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