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Background Information

Released in November 2011, the Boogie Board Rip was the second generation of Boogie Board LCD tablet devices. The Rip allows users to store their notes and drawings on internal memory. They can then transfer their saved files via USB cable to their Macintosh or Windows computer. Files transferred convert to PDF format via free software distributed at

Produced by Improv Electronics, the Boogie Board Rip is made of a plastic casing, scratch-resistant LCD screen, and plastic stylus. The device weighs 11.5 oz. and measures 7" by 11" with a thickness of .5". The LCD screen measures 9.5 inches across. It has an 8MB internal memory capable of saving about 200 images. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery has a life of 60 days on standby mode and 7 days with typical usage. The software is compatible with Windows and Microsoft operating systems. The front of the device has a status indicator, an "erase button," and a "save/wake" button while the back of the device has a recessed "reset" button. An "erase lock" switch is on the left side of the device, the right side has the micro USB port and charging indicator, and the top has a recessed stylus holder for the stylus that comes with the device.


Having problems with the Boogie Board Rip? Refer to Troubleshooting Boogie Board Rip

Additional Information

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