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iRobot Braava 320 Troubleshooting

Device is Beeping

Your Braava is playing a sequence of beeps.

Charger or Battery

There are several beeping sequences that signify a malfunctioning battery or charger. For instance, if your Braava beeps rapidly for approximately 3 seconds, your charger is bad. Refer to the faulty charging station troubleshooting section. Worst case, your Braava is beeping for approximately 9 seconds signifying that your Braava has experienced a charging error. If this is the case, contact iRobot Customer Care.

Normal or Non-problematic

Not all beeping from your Braava means that there is trouble. It’s possible that the device has finished cleaning or is charging. Refer to the following page to determine what your Braava is trying to say.

Device Has Blinking Red Light

Your Braava is displaying a solid or blinking red light.

NorthStar Navigation Cube

There are two blinking sequences linked to the cube’s location. If your Braava blinks 3 times it was unable to return to its starting location. Ensure that your NorthStar Navigation Cube has fresh batteries and is located on a raised surface with the blue light facing at least 6 feet of open area. Restart your Braava. If your Braava blinks 4 times, it signifies that your NorthStar Navigation Cube has been moved. Ensure the cube cannot be moved by anyone during the cleaning cycle. If the blinking persists, contact iRobot Customer Care.

Improper Cloth Application

There are several blinking sequences linked to cloth application. If your Braava blinks 5 times, 6 times, 15 times, or is solid red with 3 beeps, there is a problem with the application of your cleaning cloth. Ensure you are using an official Braava microfiber cloth, and it is properly applied. The cloth should not bunch up or overflow in the middle channel of the removable pad. Additionally, ensure that the 2 drop switches, located under the removable pad, move up and down freely and are not missing the rubber tips. Ensure that the bumper is able to return to its original location once pressed.

Charging System

If your Braava displays a blinking red light 7 or 8 times, there is a problem with your charging system. Ensure that you are using an authorized iRobot battery and charger. Verify that the outlet is working by trying a different appliance or try a different outlet. NOTE: Outlets connected to a dimmer switch may cause the charge to not work. If your Braava is connected to a charging cradle, try plugging the charging cable directly into the device instead of the cradle.

Device Will Not Connect to Navigation Cube

Your Braava is having trouble connecting to the NorthStar Navigation Cube.

Batteries Are Dead

Though batteries can have a long life, they do not last forever. Ensure that the batteries in the navigation cube are not dead. Consider replacing them with fresh batteries.

Signal Interference

Place the cube at the edge of a raised surface with the blue light facing the center of the room, so your Braava can communicate easier with the navigation cube. If any furniture may be blocking the device or the navigation cube, consider moving the object to allow a better connection.

Device Won’t Charge

Your Braava is unable to be charged.

Faulty Charging Station

Ensure that you are using an authorized iRobot charger and battery. Verify that the outlet is working by trying another appliance in the same outlet, or try the charger on a known working outlet. NOTE: If the outlet is connected to a dimmer, the charger may not work. If you are using a charging cradle, plug the charging cable directly into the device.

Faulty Battery

Verify your Braava is using an authorized iRobot battery and charger. If so, your Braava could have a defective battery that needs to be replaced.

Device is Having Mobility Issues

Your Braava is having trouble moving and does not display a red Navigation System Indicator.

Loose or Missing Tire Tread

Ensure that the tire tread is properly attached and does not move around. Try moving it with your thumbs. If tire tread is loose or missing, consider replacing the wheels. Turn each wheel to ensure that they have the same resistance, if not, rotate each wheel for 15 seconds in both directions.

Incorrect Cleaning Cloth

If you are not using authorized iRobot Braava cleaning clothes, try switching the clothes supplied with your Braava to see if the issue persists. NOTE: White clothes are for sweeping and blue clothes are for mopping. Ensure that cloth is properly attached, it should not bunch or overflow into the middle channel.

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Hello, I have iRobot barava and is not changing and their a rad light on and it peeping

Magali Valle - Contestar

My bravaa beeps for 4 time and off itself what’s the problem

xiaoqi877 - Contestar

i have THE SAME problem, it is driving me INSANE. Repeated chargings, runs aminute , a few beeps, stops, back to charger, REPEAT!—Help, anyone ?

Johnny Apple -

My brava is beeping 4 times and shutting off. The red light is on the on off switch. 3 blue lights are on below it. It is fully charged and I just changed the batteries in the cube. It’s frustrating because it used to clean the same areas without a problem.

Jan Klos - Contestar

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