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Olympus Stylus 410 Troubleshooting

The Olympus Stylus 410 is the updated version of the Olympus Stylus 400 with a quicker uptake and better weather resistant qualities. Released February 2004.

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers problems associated with the Olympus Stylus 410 digital camera.

Camera will not turn on

What to do when your camera shows no signs of life.

Battery has been inserted wrong/Wrong battery

  • Open the battery compartment and make sure that the positive terminal aligns with the one on the sticker on the compartment lid. This should line up the negative terminal and sticker as well. If it doesn't, make sure you are using the correct type of battery.

Drained battery

  • If the camera has not been used recently, the battery may have drained completely. Try replacing the battery and turning the camera back on.

Damaged battery terminals

  • Open the battery compartment and check the camera's battery terminals. If they appear corroded, rusty, bent, or damaged in any other way, replace the entire logic board with this guide.

Broken LCD screen

  • If the camera is making noise or has working lights, a broken LCD screen may make it appear that the camera is not on. See this guide for replacing a broken LCD screen.

Problems with Memory Card

If the card will not go in or has problems showing data.

Memory card is inserted incorrectly

  • Remove the memory card from the camera and re-insert it insuring proper orientation. Do not force it in. If it does not go in easily, check for obstructions in the camera's memory card slot. If there is debris, clean out gently with a can of compressed air for electronics.

Memory card is full

  • If the camera gives an error for no more memory available, delete photos or download photos onto a computer and clear the memory card.

Contacts on the memory card are damaged

  • If the contacts on the memory card appear rusty, corroded, are missing, or are damaged in any other way, use a different memory card.

Contacts inside the memory card slot are damaged

  • If the contacts inside the memory card slot appear rusty, corroded, are missing, or are damaged in any sort of way, replace the logic board using this guide.

Camera turns on, but screen is blank

What to do when confronted with a blank screen.

The camera still takes pictures and functions properly

  • If this is the case, then the screen is broken. Replace the screen with the LCD screen guide

The camera does not take pictures or function

  • If this is the case then the logic board is bad and needs to be replaced. Use the logic board guide to replace it.

The slider is broken and/or loose

If the slider is cracked, chipped, or sliding at inopportune times.

Slider is loose

  • If the slider is just loose, try tightening the screws with a size 00 Phillips screwdriver. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. If screws are missing, see the parts section of iFixit.

Slider is cracked, broken, or has stripped screw holes

  • If the slider is cracked, broken, or has been stripped by the screws, buy a replacement slider and use the slider disassembly guide.

Screws are loose

How to prevent your camera from falling apart

Tightening screws

  • Use a size 00 Philips screwdriver to tighten screws on the camera.
  • If screws continue to loosen over time, remove screws, apply a small amount of Loctite(R) or other non-permanent adhesive and put screws back in.

Screw hole is stripped

  • If screws do not tighten all the way or do not tighten properly, it may mean that the screw holes are stripped and that part of the camera may need to be replaced. See the tear-down guide for more information on replacing camera components.

Battery compartment cover is broken or does not close

How to stop your battery from falling out of the camera.


  • Make sure there is no dirt or other obstructions preventing the battery cover from closing properly. Check particularly in the slots and grooves.
  • If the cover still will not close, make sure the right type of battery is being used.

Broken battery cover

  • If the battery cover is broken, buy a replacement cover and use the battery cover guide to replace it.

Speaker produces no/distorted sound

Sound is not coming out of the camera correctly.

Obstructions in the speaker

  • Use compressed air to remove any dirt or dust from speaker. If that does not work, try one of the following steps:

Sound is distorted

  • If sound is still distorted, the speaker is broken. Replace the speaker with this guide: link

No sound

  • If the speaker produces no sound, there are two possible problems:
  • The first is that the speaker is nonfunctional and needs to be replaced. Replace the speaker using this guide: link
  • The second is that the logic board or a wire to it is broken or loose on the inside of the camera. Use the logic board disassembly guide to replace the logic board .

Certain buttons no longer work

If your camera does not respond to buttons being pressed.

Dirt or other debris is in the case

  • If the buttons feel "gritty" when pressed, there is likely dirt or sand under the buttons. Use the case disassembly guide to remove the outer case and clean out any dirt. The shutter button can be removed as well (see shutter button).

Logic board is faulty

  • If none of the buttons on your camera work, it could be the result of a faulty logic board or from a lot of dirt or debris in the camera case. First use the case disassembly guide to clean out the camera and if problems persist, use the logic board guide to replace it.

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I cannot find this problem anywhere online (Don't know where to look?) My Olympus Stylus 410, with new (and newly charged) batteries, seems to come on when I slide the lens cover over, but then the lens immediately retracts and the camera is not functional. Help?

Timothy Kendall - Contestar

Zoom error when I try to turn on charge battery last night

caduck58 - Contestar

Camera does not turn om , it says log full

I have a tracker stylus, just two months old

I have no idea to het into the log section of the camera , can't find in the manual to

markdebruine - Contestar

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